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Want the new way to do card payments? 

Order & Pay systems are the future of hospitality payments. Here’s why:

1 . We carry supercomputers around in our pockets. Why make restaurant owners rent machines as well?

2.  Phone operating systems have in-built trust environments which make it easier to share card details on your own phone than on a merchant’s device.

3. Order & Pay systems have been shown to boost customer spending.

4. Order & Pay systems can save significantly on operational costs like menu printing.

5. Most importantly; Order & Pay systems have now passed the gimmick test. There’s significantly increased literacy around QR codes and it’s seen as normal to have an Order & Pay in your store.

StoreKit is a payment processor. Before the pandemic, we offered card payments via mobile card readers and PDQ machines. Now, it also offers a fully-fledged order and pay system, which is a QR code menu with an embedded payments gateway allowing you to accept payments as well as choose items.



Why use StoreKit for traditional payments?

StoreKit is a payments technology company. That means we do payments – we can identify the best rate structure to save you money whether it’s with StoreKit or one of our partners.

It also means that we can fit payments into your point-of-sale and broader tech stack. We can ensure that your payment processing and your point-of-sale work; and we even build the bit of tech which communicates between your POS and your card reader.

If you want to know how your card reader can fit with your POS, ask us.



Plug right in.

Payment processing is one piece of your business  puzzle. Get payments which integrate simply and easily with your whole tech stack.

We’re experts in the glue that holds businesses together. So you’ll be able to integrate your payments, and all your software solutions, when you talk to StoreKit.



What StoreKit payments products are there?

StoreKit is a payments company with a software team. What that means, really, is two things – first, we’ve got the right certificates to build a payment gateway into software which is otherwise free – and second, we can make sure that your card readers work with your in-store software.

In 2020, StoreKit launched two new products – StoreKit Takeaway and StoreKit Order and Pay. These were to help customers through the covid pandemic. But we’ve been blown away by the support they’ve received and the numbers of customers we’ve onboarded. This site will be transformed next year to reflect that.


StoreKit Order & Pay 

An order and pay system designed to boost customer spending.

StoreKit Takeaway

Takeaway software designed for click and collect.

StoreKit Card Payments 

Rent or buy a card reader and get set up with a payfac like iZettle iZettle or a Merchant Account