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  • Jun282021
    Bar staff

    Happy Staff, Happy Customers – Top 5 Restaurant Staff Management Tips

  • Jun282021
    Happy customers

    Why is Customer Satisfaction important?

  • May242021

    Natasha’s Law: what is it and what do you need to do?

  • Mar152021
    wix vs wordpress

    WordPress or Wix: which is best to start a restaurant website?

  • Feb052021

    How to choose a takeaway platform – delivery platform or online ordering system?

  • Jan082021
    Order & pay

    How do order & pay systems improve operational efficiencies?

  • Jan082021
    Shopify vs Wix

    Shopify vs Wix: which is better for restaurants in 2021?

  • Jan082021
    Click and collect

    How restaurants can add click and collect on a Wix or Squarespace website for free

  • Dec232020
    restaurant guide

    The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Management Software

  • Dec092020
    QR code menu

    How to create a QR code menu for free

  • Nov202020
    haute cuisine header

    Can online ordering work with posh menus?

  • Oct022020

    What are some alternatives to popular brands of takeaway software?

  • Sep302020
    Mobile ordering menu

    Do Order & Pay systems boost customer spending?

  • Jul302020
    kiosk sharing pic

    Ordering Kiosks: a Guide

  • Jul032020
    header image for covid comms

    How to talk about covid-19 to customers

  • Jul022020
    Printing QR code

    QR code printing – where should I print QR codes for my pub or restaurant?

  • Jul022020
    menu header image for online ordering

    5 Stellar Menu Design Hacks

  • Jul012020
    Table ordering app

    Top 5 Table Ordering Apps for Pubs, Bars, and Restaurants

  • Jun082020

    Getting Started with Printing 

  • Jun032020
    store 01 thumb

    Setting up your first online store with SK Takeaway

  • Jun032020
    bike delivery

    Advice on bike delivery

  • May212020
    Google Maps header img

    Easy-Peasy Google Marketing for Restaurants

  • May182020
    easy peasy instagram

    Easy-peasy Facebook Marketing for Online Restaurants

  • May072020
    Temporary Returns Policy

    COVID-19 Returns Policy Amends