Alternatives to popular takeaway softwares

What are some alternatives to popular brands of takeaway software?
October 2, 2020 Adam Stead
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There’s a large number of brands of takeaway software for restaurants, and it can be tough to figure out which options to consider. This article is designed to suggest alternatives, to help you choose the best software for you. The best online ordering system is SK Takeaway!

1) Alternatives to GloriaFood


GloriaFood is a freemium ordering system which predates coronavirus. They’re really popular and a market leader in some markets.

Why people choose GloriaFood

It’s freemium. Compared to other softwares in this list, GloriaFood is very cheap. You’ll have to pay a payment processing fee if you want to accept card payments, which are provided by Stripe. You can also buy GloriaFood packages which do charge, but they’re also inexpensive.

It’s easy. Setting up GloriaFood isn’t difficult, and because of the pricing structure, you can see if whether it’s for you after building a menu. 

Downsides to GloriaFood

There’s little support. The downside to software on a shoestring is that you can’t ask for help easily if things go wrong, because support teams are expensive, and if you’re offering free software, your number of users is likely to be very high, meaning there’s lots of people who want help. 

Closest alternative: SK Takeaway

Yes, we deliver

Why they’re similar 

0% commission and no monthly fees. StoreKit Order & Pay acts as a payment processor (like Stripe) – so the only fee for this software is a normal payment processing rate. There’s no commission, and there’s no monthly fees, and there’s no contract. 

Check whether it’s for you by signing up and logging in. It’s quick, you can do it yourself, and then you can look at your menu and decide whether or not you like it. That’s a big advantage of both SK Takeaway and GloriaFood.


2) Alternatives to Wix Restaurant

Why people use Wix 

They have a wix website already. Wix is a well-known provider of web-building software which has helped democratise the process of getting a website – we’re big fans! If yours is a Wix site, it seems kind of logical to also use their online ordering software, which fits neatly into it.

What’s the alternative? 

You don’t need to use Wix Restaurant for Wix websites. The alternative, such as the systems listed above, would involve embedding a link to one of these bits of online ordering software in this article within a button in Wix. 

This is really easy to do, because it’s easy to attach a URL to a button in the Wix website builder. When the customer clicks on it, they would be routed from to order.storekit/my-restaurant. But other than that, nothing would change from a continuity perspective. Look out for different customisation and branding options if that’s a concern – but generally these systems do have them.  And it could be that the menu drives conversions more than a Wix menu can. 

Which is the best alternative? 

Although the most similar alternatives are plugins for content management software, such as WordPress plugin restaurants, the most practical alternative for somebody using Wix Restaurant software would be to use one of the standalone takeaway systems and link it throughout their website as a button.

If you’re curious to see what it would look like, you can do so with SK Takeaway without paying a penny. 


3) Alternatives to Slerp

Slerp logo

Why do people choose Slerp?

It’s stylish. There’s no getting around this: Slerp menus are really good looking, and successfully conveys a fantastic online restaurant ambiance to the customer – great work. Does this translate to a higher number of sales? It’s tough to be sure, and the best delivery software teams focus on data as it comes in to inform their design choices. 

It has a wide number of ePOS integration options. Via an additional module called “Deliverect”, you can integrate with over 30 ePOS systems, which can save you significant amounts of labour time. 

Downsides to Slerp

It’s a little steep! At the time of writing, the Slerp fee is 7.5% + VAT in addition to 1.4% card fees – which puts Slerp in the premium category. This is still much less than delivery platforms like Deliveroo, but it makes it expensive compared to some cheaper solutions with DIY delivery.

Check out our interview with JP Then to understand what motivates the Slerp founder.

Most similar: StoreKit Takeaway or FlipDish 

SK Takeaway Flipdish

SK Takeaway and FlipDish both integrate with Deliverect, meaning that ePOS integrations are available for same additional price beyond the base price of the softwares.

FlipDish is also a premium product, charging 7% in addition to 2.5% card fees (although it looks like large restaurants could negotiate lower order fees) – that means they’re both premium choices. 

SK Takeaway has had world-class designers work on their design. Like Slerp, it looks great – and it’s also data-led design which is designed to optimise for conversion.

4) Alternatives to Square Restaurant Takeaway

Square Restaurant

The final way of doing takeaway software is via your EPOS, as some EPOS systems can do takeaway as an additional module. Touchbistro, Lightspeed L and K, and Square Restaurant are all great examples of this. Goodtill, a provider of basic ePOS software, has also launched its own software which can be used for pickups. 

But what to choose as EPOS includes broader considerations. Check out the video below to see our top five POS recommendations for restaurants. But do note that the Square POS mentioned in the video is Square POS, not Square Restaurant POS, which is the same brand designing a software for restaurants with more complex services.

What next? 

Interested in getting started with SK Takeaway? Or just in talking about the different software out there? StoreKit is a free advice hub for EPOS software, in addition to selling SK Takeaway – so if you call, we can talk to you about your whole tech set-up, and explain what we think is best for you.

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