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    SumUp Air Charging Cradle

    Have your Air Card Reader ready to use on your counter, while charging it at the same time. Perfectly angled for all types of payment, neither you nor your customer need to take it out of the holder to accept a card payment. With a matte white finish, it's the perfect complement to the SumUp Air Card Reader. Included in the package:
    • SumUp Air Cradle
    • Micro USB cable (1 m)
    • Power supply
    Compatible with the SumUp Air Card Reader The SumUp Air Card Reader is not included in the package.
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    Sumup Air Reader

    SumUp Air Card Reader

    Take credit and debit card payments with the Bluetooth SumUp card reader
    • Accept debit, credit cards, contactless & Apple Pay
    • Contactless, chip & pin and Magnetic stripe reader enabled
    • USB charging
    • Equipped with Bluetooth & NFC
    • 500 transaction rechargeable battery life
    • 1.69% or lower flat rate fee per transaction
    • No monthly fees or hidden costs