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This is our EPOS mastermind

He may look harmless, but he knows everything. He knows EPOS features, set-up, compatibility, he understands payments and the whole pricing matrix. He gets hardware. And most of all, he understands how they all fit together. 

His name is Angus, and he sits waiting by the phone in our office hoping someone will call. Maybe you want explaining what the hell EPOS is. Maybe you’ve chosen your system and now it’s time to figure out payments. Perhaps you’re a veteran looking to check your working as you change providers. Or maybe just don’t want to order the wrong printer. Angus can check that everything will fit together and you’re not being ripped off.

So many people call Angus nowadays that we’ve hired three other Anguses by different names to sit around our office waiting for calls. Their names are May, Riccardo, and Celina. They’ll get their own pictures soon.