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What is an EPOS System?

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) Systems are the combination of software and hardware that enable you to take cash & card payments, record sales data, analyse your business performance and tons more. We work exclusively with modern, cloud-based systems that give your business access to powerful features and real-time, access-anywhere reporting. What does an EPOS do?

Did you just Ctrl + F “Free Software?”

Smart. Free EPOS software is software by payment processors, which charge you for payments instead. That’s why it’s “free”. This makes it basic/generic software, but there’s nothing wrong with that – you’re looking at iZettle, Square, SumUp, and PayPal Here. Learn about FREE POS software.

Do I need to think about my e-commerce platform/online shop?

Most EPOS systems can be integrated with most e-commerce software so that you can see everything on one dashboard. (You can check this with us or on the websites of either of the two companies). Alternatively, plenty of EPOS software companies come with their own e-commerce platform.

Can EPOS work with my accounting software?

If your accounting software is Xero or Quickbooks, we’ve detailed whether they can integrate on our vendor profiles. If not, you’ll need to call us.

Will I need help with installation?

Probably not. 90% of our customers install the system themselves, or with a little help over the phone. That being said, if you’re pushed for time or have multiple tills/stores, then you might want professional help with setting up. An onsite installation by a qualified EPOS engineer would allow for a smooth set-up and can be arranged from around £200.

EPOS, MPOS, POS – what’s the difference?

MPOS is a type of card reader which is “mobile” – meaning that you can move them around (it doesn’t refer to mobile phones). It’s also sometimes called “roaming terminals.” It would be part of an EPOS system.

As for POS and EPOS, there’s not really a difference. Generally “POS” is used more in the US whereas “EPOS” is more English. Sometimes, people will use POS to refer to hardware and EPOS to describe the entire kit. But the terms are used interchangeably – including on this website.

Is the “cloud” important?

Yes, but you don’t have to think about it. All the newer systems are cloud-based because it has advantages like real-time reporting and it doesn’t require that you buy your own servers and keep them working – so we only recommend cloud-based systems. That’s why we haven’t mentioned it so far. This means it requires internet access so if you’re out and about, you’ll need a device with mobile data – for example, an iPad with a SIM. (It’s possible to get “offline” mode on some EPOS if you’re worried about patchy internet – just ask.)

Curious about how we choose software to recommend? Read what goes into the recipe here.

(A “cloud” is a thing which stores data, made of physical “data centres” built by a big tech company like Google or Amazon. These centres are huge and get put in weird places for safety – Microsoft puts some of theirs underwater – but they have cutting-edge cyber-security practice and multiple backups to ensure that it can move between them and you without interruption.)

How do EPOS Systems work?

There’s no quick answer to this. Beyond the basic functionality of finalising sales and accepting payments, EPOS systems can do almost anything you need them to. Table service restaurants have hugely different requirements from florists, which is why it’s so important to choose a system that fits your business – not just any off-the-shelf product.

How much does an EPOS system cost on average?

It’s hard to give an exact figure for investment in an EPOS system because costs vary widely depending on your requirements. But if we separate hardware and software costs we can get a bit more accurate, for example, 1 new generation iPad based system will cost around £650 + VAT for the hardware alone. Software costs range from free to significant but for your typical small business will run around £50 per month. Read about costs.

Business TypeEstimated Cost / TillExample Hardware Kit
Sole Trader / Market Stall£200 Upfront, £0 MonthlyiZettle Mobile Kit
Coffee Shop / Quick Service Restaurant£600 Upfront, £40 MonthlyiZettle Starter Kit
Boutique Retail£800 Upfront, £60+ MonthlyVend Starter Kit
Table Service Restaurant£1250 Upfront, £90+ MonthlyLightspeed Starter Kit
Complex Omnichannel Retail£800 Upfront, £150+ MonthlyCustom iPad POS Kit
Small Restaurant Chain£1250 Upfront, £150+ MonthlyCustom iPad POS Kit

The top questions people ask us.

Will I need help with installation?

The cloud based EPOS systems we recommend and sell at StoreKit are built to be entirely self managed and very straightforward to set up. 90% of our customers install the system themselves, or with a little help over the phone. That being said, if you’re pushed for time or have multiple tills/stores, then you might want professional help with setting up. An onsite installation by a qualified EPOS engineer would allow for a smooth set up with ultimate peace of mind to allow you to focus on running your business.

Do I need to pay a monthly fee?

There are a whole array of different EPOS systems with a whole host of features & pricing models. The most basic systems tend to be offered for free by payment processing companies like iZettle, Square & SumUp (they make their money on the credit card processing). If you’re looking for something more advanced, then you’ll likely be looking at a monthly fee of £40+ but that will include more powerful software, phone support & updates.

Do I need an EPOS system?

An EPOS system can be one of the most valuable tools in running your business. It will allow you to have control over many aspects of running your store including transactions, reporting, tax, staff management and much more. Without an EPOS system, these are all things that you’ll need to do manually, using up valuable time that could be invested in growing your business. With the investment required to buy a modern EPOS system at an all time low, we’d recommend all but the smallest businesses invest.

How does StoreKit make money?

We get paid a commission by our software partners when we help you find a system, book an online demo and signup as a customer. Commissions are already priced into the cost of EPOS software – so you’re not paying extra to come with us (or any other reseller or referrer). In fact, we’re also often able to pass on commission to you in the form of hardware discounts so you’ll pay less. Our commissions are similar across all our partners and our driving goal is to offer the best advice, not short term gains.

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