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Intelligent POS (Zettle Pro)

Zettle Pro, formerly Intelligent POS, is Zettle’s premium POS offering. The software is primarily for hospitality and we would consider it basic to mid range. That means it includes things like table management and analytics functions. Similar competitors would include Nobly and Goodtill.


£39/m per iPad. (It could also discount your payment processing costs if you use Zettle).

What makes it different from Goodtill?

The functionalities are quite similar; but it can be tricky to compare on price as they increment their price in a very different way.


Zettle Pro needs iPads to run, and even bills that way. It will only integrate with Zettle payments – which needs its own card reader to work. All the hardware listed here should work. It can integrate with Xero but not QuickBooks.


Support is available 9-5 on weekdays.

Getting started

Zettle needs its own card reader to work properly but simply download the app to the iPad to start. Depending on the complexity of your bar/restaurant it should take a few hours to set up. Zettle Pro has a 30-day free trial. To get put in touch, email

Zettle Pro

£39 per month, per iPad. 1.25% card transactions

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