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Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed Retail is more than a EPOS system — it’s a store management system that’ll help you run every aspect of your retail business.


Compatible with iOS
Cash Drawers

Lightspeed Retail iPad Starter Kit


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Lightspeed Retail POS

(Lightspeed also do a hospitality offering – don’t get mixed up!)

Lightspeed Retail is aimed at large shops, and we’d consider them a mid to top range software. That means it’s designed for big and complex inventories with features like low stock notifications. Its main competitors are Vend or Shopify POS.


£69 per month per till.

What makes it different from Vend?

One strength of Lightspeed is that it has some service-based features which make it well suited to shops with a service element, like bike shops. If you’re not sure, call and ask.


Most hardware (including anything displayed here) is compatible. For payments, it can integrate with iZettle and some merchant banks. It can integrate with alternative e-commerce providers at an additional price.


Lightspeed has 24/7 phone customer service.

Getting started

Stock can be bulk imported into lightspeed retail but some users have said it’s a more complex set-up than vend. Lightspeed has a 30-day free trial. To get put in touch, email


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Lightspeed POS Hardware

Lightspeed Bundles

  • From: £295.00

    Lightspeed Retail iPad Starter Kit

    Save £20 with this kit.  Includes everything you need to start taking orders, printing receipts and managing cash with your iPad Lightspeed Retail POS.
    • Star automatic cash drawer
    • Star TSP143 ethernet / Star TSP143 WiFi / Star TSP143 Direct Lightning iOS / Epson Ethernet
    • Heckler Windfall 10.2" iPad stand
    • 20 receipt paper rolls (1 Box)
    From: £295.00
    From: £295.00

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