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Loyverse POS

Loyverse is basic to mid range POS software. It is generally better suited to hospitality but can work in other contexts. Its biggest competitors are free software such as iZettle or hospitality software such as Nobly or Goodtill.


This is a “freemium” product – its more sophisticated functions put it at a similar price to Nobly.

What makes it different? 

Freemium pricing means that you can start simple and pay only for the features you want. Customers should be aware that, unlike other free POS systems, Loyverse is not a payment processor and you will have to choose a payment processor separately.


Loyverse is an app which can download onto your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. (No laptop use). All the hardware listed here will work. For payments, it can integrate with SumUp or iZettle. It does not integrate with Xero or Quickbooks.


Loyverse does not have any customer support available.

Getting started

Loyverse is very simple. Download the app and it will be quick to set up. To get put in touch, email hello@storekit.com.

Point of Sale


Employee Management

£4 per employee per month, £40 per employee per year

Advanced Inventory

£200 per year per store

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