Free tools to help run your business

Gross Profit Calculator

Use our in-browser calculator app to work out what price you need to sell or buy for your desired margin.


Our Glossary of Store Terms is designed to help you decipher jargon, tricky terms, and straight-out gobbeldegook from the world of EPOS and payments. If there’s a term you’ve not heard, this is the place to look!

Barcode Generator

A free tool to generate UPC and EAN valid barcodes from barcode numbers. Use this to help organise and scan your products.

Free SKU Generator
SKU Generator

A free SKU generator that creates unique product codes from product names, variables and sizing for better inventory and stock keeping.

Free Excel Rota Template
Weekly Rota Excel Template

Download our free Excel template to create weekly rotas, including shifts and wage calculations.

mPOS Payments Calculator

Compare the top mobile payment providers with our interactive calculator. Enter your monthly card turnover to find your lowest cost option for taking payments.