Refunds & Returns

Different processes apply to General Returns and Returns of Faulty Items

General Returns

Whilst we do everything we can to ensure you’re happy with your purchase, we understand that sometimes products don’t always fit the requirements. We offer a simple, no-questions-asked refund & returns policy and more importantly, we suggest you carefully check the compatibility of the hardware you are buying. Our team of experts is available on the phone, chat and email to help you get the right hardware from the start.


You have 30 days from receipt of goods to cancel your order. Within this time we’ll refund or exchange items at no cost.

Returned products must be in their complete, clean and original packaging and in like-new condition. If returned products don’t meet these criteria, we will discount a restocking fee from the refund.

You are responsible for shipping returned products to us until we have confirmed receipt.

Please pack your product as safely and securely as possible. Use a larger corrugated cardboard box and ample packing material to cover the boxes and products you are returning. Do not use the product’s box as shipping box. Avoid applying excessive tape or packing labels directly to the product box.

We recommend that you insure your package. StoreKit and the manufacturers assume no responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit.

Refunds will only be applied to the original payment method and may take up to 5 business days to process.

Expedited shipping charges are non-refundable.

To return an item, please fill out our return request form here.

Beyond 30 days: If you believe you may need to return an item, please do so within the allowed 30 day period.

If you have any questions on our return policy, please contact us at

Restocking fees

If the printer is in less than pristine condition, StoreKit may apply a restocking fee. Circumstances in which StoreKit would apply a restocking fee include – missing original packaging, damaged boxes, defaced boxes, or missing accessories or parts of the printer.

Return & Repair of Faulty Items

Cases of faulty products are rare with StoreKit, but they unfortunately happen. If the products is still  covered under manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer is responsible for repairing the item.

Note that for products that you have bought outright, we are not able to offer temporary replacements while the products are being repaired. This process minimises the time required to get your item back and running.

Definition of a faulty product

Faulty means the item is intrinsically defective, regardless to its connectivity with other systems.

For instance, if your printer does not turn on anymore or does not print at all, this is a fault. On the other hand, if you have ordered a printer not compatible with the software or the tablet you are using, the product itself is not faulty and such return would fall in the category of General Returns.

Note that we only offer returns of faulty products that are under warranty. The duration of the warranty is product-specific.

If the damage is not covered by the warranty of your item, the repair or replacement  will be chargeable (e.g. damage caused by water on a scanner). In these cases you’ll be provided with a repair quote before any work is carried out.

Self assessment of the fault

If you suspect that a product you have bought is faulty, make sure to follow these useful steps before making a request for return:

  • Contact the support desk of the software company you are using and make sure that the issue does not come from a software problem.
  • Contact the manufacturer; in particular, manufacturers like Star Micronics , Epson , SocketMobile provide help online for free. Note that Socket Mobile deal with the warranty themselves so you would not need to involve us in the process.
  • Finally, we advise you contact our team and let us know about the situation so that we can concur on the conclusion of fault.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, please fill our returns form here. Select ‘my item is faulty’ as the return reason. You’ll be sent an email explaining the process.

Please do not send any faulty items to StoreKit unless our team confirms so in writing. All repairs are handled directly by the manufacturers.